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Q : If there are no fees to do business with Transition 65, does that mean our rent will be higher?

A : No, there are absolutely no supplementary costs by the residence, we use the rates set by the residence.

Q : Do I have to wait until the end of my current lease before moving into a retirement residence?

A : No, according to article 1974 of the Quebec Civil code, there is an exception regarding changing your lease. Once receiving notice of resiliation and a proof of competency, you have 60 days to finish your lease.

Q : Can I refuse a change in rent?

A : Yes, for all residences 5 years or older. You have 30 days from the day the notice of rent change was received to refuse it in writing. The landlord may not take reprisal or expel residents for this reason.

Q : After the first visit, the director of the residence asked me for a deposit to hold the housing. How much should I put down?

A : Nothing. According to article 1904 of the Quebec Civil Code, financial deposits may not hold housing or others (for example, keys). Only the amount of the rent should be paid once the lease has been signed.

Q : The residence offered to repaint my apartment at my cost. Am I obligated to use the personnel on location?

A : No. When you are in your apartment, you enjoy all of the freedoms it comes with.